This study explores if people, recovering from a major lower limb trauma, are willing and able to use the PROMOTE website as part of their recovery process.

The website supports people with injuries to recover well and avoid developing long-term problems with pain

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What is the PROMOTE website?

The website supports people recovering from major lower limb trauma. It offers helpful ways to think about the injury and practical steps to aid recovery

See below for a video explainer about PROMOTE

About the Study

This study will help us understand if it is possible to use an interactive web tool to help people recover better after experiencing a major lower-limb trauma.

What happens in the study?

You will be introduced to the website very soon after you are admitted into hospital and you will have access to the website throughout your recovery.

If you join the study, you will receive the all the same care that you would receive if you were not part of the study.

You will be asked to complete some questionnaires to monitor how you are recovering at the beginning, at 6 weeks and finally at 3 months.

Taking Part

Who can participate

The PROMOTE study hopes to enrol 60 people from across the UK. The study is open to anyone who is 16 years old or above, who has experienced a fracture of their lower limb caused by a major trauma.

If you would like to get involved we will ask for your informed consent. To do this please read our patient information sheet.


Aged 16 and above who have experienced a fracture of their lower limb caused by major trauma

Sample Size



6 Months

Study Team

Dave Keene

Principle Investigator, Physiotherapist and Associate Professor of Trauma and Orthopaedics

Beth Fordham

Senior Health Psychology Fellow in Trauma and Emergency Care

May Quarmby

Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Trauma

Kylea Draper

PROMOTE trial manager

Matt Costa

Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery

Dom Burton

Patient Representative

Jenny Gould

Patient Representative

Liz Tutton

Senior Research Fellow in Patient Experience & Qualitative Methods

Juul Achten

Research Manager, Oxford Trauma

Emma Evans

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Steve Gwilym

Associate Professor & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Duncan Appelbe

Senior Research Information Specialist

Marloes Franssen

Senior Trial Manager

Ruth Knight

Statistical Lead

Contact Us

Here are some ways you can get in touch with the PROMOTE study team. .

We are here to ask any questions and hear your comments .

Postal Address

Promote study, Kadoorie Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, OX3 9DU